About Jill

I am the wife of the world’s most devoted husband, the mother of two healthy, beautiful children, and I have two silly dogs whose waggly tails bring me joy. I love baking, decorating cookies, practicing yoga, going to the spa for a nice massage (on rare occasions… but boy, what a nice treat it is!). I like drinking hot tea, taking a hot shower, enjoying peace and quiet sans kids. I love a clean house. I love reading to and teaching my children new things. I love dark chocolate. I love the public library.  I love Coconut Bliss ice cream (only it’s not ice cream because it’s dairy-free. My inner vegan loves that (and yes, I am striving to eat a vegan diet. The baker in me has very mixed feelings about this…)). I love uninterrupted quality time with my husband.

Give me a little of all this in a day and I’d say that would be a pretty perfect day!

(My daughter at age almost-3 following in her Mama’s footsteps)

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