Truck cookie cupcake toppers

13 Feb

I think these may be my favorites to date.  LOVED how they turned out! 

Some friends asked me to make truck cupcakes for their son’s second birthday party.  Instead of attempting to make trucks out of buttercream or fondant or gumpaste, I decided to try making a cookie cupcake topper. The cookies were a little on the large side but I’m sure the kids at the party didn’t mind. 🙂

I made the toppers by baking a lollipop stick into the cookies so that I could stick the cookie upright on top of the cupcake.  I layered the cookie dough prior to baking by cutting two thin cookies and stacking them with the lollipop stick sandwiched in between.  I was a bit nervous about this because I had never done it before… I wasn’t sure if baking the stick into the cookies would work, and even if it did work, would the cookie be too heavy to stand up on top of the cupcake?  Turns out it all worked beautifully!

On a side note, a lot of people ask me about my cookie designing process.  If I’m doing an original design (like these trucks), I do a few sketches, color them and use them as a guide while decorating.  Here are the truck sketches.  You can see how similar the trucks on the cookies look compared to the sketches. It doesn’t ALWAYS turn out this way – sometimes the finished product looks a little different if the icing isn’t cooperating or I find something I like better while decorating – but I usually try to make the finished cookie look as similar to the sketch as possible.


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